Electronics Parts Number List P 1882

  • CL10K100EQC208-3 Clear-Logic
  • ADE-1503PLM YCL
    15 Watts single output external adapter. Output voltage 15V. Output current 0mA (min), 1000mA (max).
  • ACM1602E-NLBD-T AZ-Displays
    2.7-5.5V; 16characters x 2lines; dot size0.56x0.61mm; liquid crystal display
  • AM7969-125/DKC AMD
    Transparent asynchronous transmitter/receiver interface, 125 MHz
  • CF2-12V Nais
    CF-relay. New dual power automotive relay. 1 form C x 2. Coil voltage 12 V.
  • UT69R00016GPXF UTMC
    RadHard microcontroller. 16 MHz operating frequency. Phototype. Lead finish optional. Total dose 3E5 rads(Si).
  • BSFR53G15 Sharp
    Double conversion IF output satellite tuner
  • WS512K32F-70HME White-Electronic
    70ns; 5V power supply; 512K x 32 SRAM module, SMD 5962-94611
  • AGM1212B-REFBH-T AZ-Displays
    0.3-7.0V; Dots 128x128dots; dot size0.32x0.32mm; dot pitch0.35x0.35mm; AZ display
  • F2224-31S Hamamatsu
    Circular MCP and assembly series. For analytical instruments, electron tibe, cosmic measurement, high energy physics
  • QPO-1B Vicor
    20dB PARD attenuation from 50-500kHz; 3-30Vdc; 10A; output ripple attenuation SiP
  • ACM2002R-FLYW-T AZ-Displays
    2.7-5.5V; 20characters x 2lines; dot size1.12x1.12mm; dot pitch1.22x1.22mm; liquid crystal display
  • ACM4002F-REYH-T AZ-Displays
    0.0-6.5V; 5x7dots with cursor; 40characters x 2lines; dot size0.60x0.65mm; dot pitch0.65x0.70mm; AZ display
  • M38868E2A-GP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 1536bytes single chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • 5962R0153701QXA UTMC
    LVDS crosspoint switchSMD. QML class Q. Total dose 1E5 rad(Si). Lead finish hot solder dipped.
  • SAA5261PS/117 Philips
    10-page intelligent teletext decoders
  • PST575K Mitsumi
    System reset
  • SMV1412-10 Knox-Semiconductor
    250mW; silicon hyperabrupt tuning diode
  • DTA123ERLRP ON-Semiconductor
    Bias Resistor Transistor
  • TC54VN1201ECBTR Microchip
    Voltage detector, Nch output, 1.2V, +/-1%
  • CAT93C5724SI-45TE13 Catalyst
    2K 4.5-4.75V Supervisory circuits with microwire serial CMOS EEPROM, precision reset controller and watchdog timer
  • VI-LCNB-XX Vicor
    InputV48V; outputV95V; 50-200W; 10-40A; DC-DC switcher. Offerd with inout voltage ranges optimized fot industrial and telecommunication applications
  • MAS28140FL Dynex
    Packet telecommand decoder
  • M38508E8H-SS Mitsubishi
    RAM size1536 bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • VI-QUTR-XX Vicor
    InputV90-132/180-264Vac; outputV7.5V; 150-600W; 30-120A autoranging AC-DC switcher
  • AM29LV400T100EC AMD
    4 Megabit (512 K x 8-bit/256 K x 16-bit) CMOS 3.0 volt-only boot sector flash memory, 100ns
  • RT9167/A-35CBR Richtek
    3.5V low-noise, fixed output voltage 200mA/500mA LDO regulator
  • U633H04DC25 Zentrum
    PowerStore 512 x 8 nvSRAM
  • G90NILBD-AC12-12 GCC
    Relay. Coil voltage 12 VAC. Mounting PCB. Contact form B. Covering dust cover. Spacing UL873. Insulation class F.
  • M38065E4DXXXFP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 768bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • RN5RZ48BC Ricoh
    Low drop-out and low nouse voltage regulator. Output voltage (Vout) 4.8V. Active type H.
  • M38079MC-XXXFS Mitsubishi
    RAM size 2048bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • HC3HTM-AC110/120V Nais
    HC-relay. Miniature relay for wide applications. 3 form C. Coil voltage 110/120 V AC. Top mounting. Standard type.
  • MG63PB30 OKI
    0.25mm embedded DRAM/Customer Structured Array
  • APL5507-A30KI-TR Anpec
    3.0 V, 500 mA regulator + reset IC
  • GC70SN9512005FS Green-Power
    Bar clamp for hockey punks
  • BL-B2431V YellowStone
    Green, standard LED lamp (round type)
  • UPD16337W NEC
    64-bit AC-PDP data driver
  • LN80C58-2 Intel
    CHMOS single-chip 8-bit microcontroller with burn-in. 0.5 MHz to 12 MHz, 5 V, ROM 32 Kbytes, RAM 256 bytes
  • R9G03612 Powerex
    3600V, 1200A general purpose single diode
  • G6CS-9K GCC
    Relay. Coil voltage 9VDC. Contact form 1 form C (SPDT). Enclosure sealed. Contact material AgCdO. Sensitivity 200mW.
  • SN74CBT3244DBQR Texas Instruments
  • 5962F9475404VYC UTMC
    Radiation Hardened PAL SMD. Total dose 3E5 rads(Si). 20ns propagation delay, TTL I/O. Class V. Lead finish gold.
  • WS128K32L-35G1UCA White-Electronic
    35ns; 5V power supply; 128K x 32 SRAM module, SMD 5962-93187 & 5962-95595
  • APR3023-26AC-TR Anpec
    2.63V, micropower microprocessor reset circuit
  • OM5323RA Omnirel
    28Amp, high efficiency center-tap rectifier
  • PDM31532LA20SOI Paradigm-Technology
    64K x 16 CMOS 3.3V static RAM
  • K4F160411D-F Samsung
    4M x 4 bit CMOS dynamic RAM with fast page mode. Supply voltage 5V, 2K refresh cycle.
  • MI-RC6N3X-XX Vicor
    InputV270V; outputV18.5V; 150-300W; 30-..A; complete triple output DC-DC power military supply
  • VI-MNY-XX Vicor
    InputV48V; outputV3.3V; 100-400W; 20-80A; single, dual and triple output DC-DC converter to applications that might otherwise require a custom supply
  • SA1439 NEL
    5 V, customer specific, CMOS crystal clock oscillator
  • GP101B-AC220-B GCC
    Relay. Coil voltage 220 VAC. Contact arrangement 1B. Contact material AgCdO. Option test button.
  • CAT93C4631JA-28TE13 Catalyst
    1K 2.85-3.0V Supervisory circuit with microwire serial CMOS EEPROM, precision reset controller and watchdog timer
  • REC5-3015DRWLZ Recom
    5W DC/DC converter with 30 input, +-15V/+-167mA output
  • LM324NS Texas Instruments
  • HYB5117400BT-500 Infineon
    4M x 4bit DRAM
  • 5962R9475401VXA UTMC
    Radiation Hardened PAL SMD. Total dose 1E5 rads(Si). 25ns propagation delay, CMOS I/O. Class V. Lead finish solder.
  • HEF4514BDB Philips
    1-of-16 decoder/demultiplexer with input latches
  • TC54VN3701EMBTR Microchip
    Voltage detector, Nch open drain, 3.7V, +/-1%
  • EDI88130CS15NC White-Electronic
    15ns; 5V power supply; 128K x 8 monolithic SRAM, SMD 5962-89598
  • M38B57E1-XXXFP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 1024 bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • APL5302-27D5C-TR Anpec
    2.7 V, low IQ, low dropout 300 mA fixed voltage regulator
  • M38860E8AFS Mitsubishi
    RAM size 192bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • UL200-25 International-Power-Sources
    AC/DC U-channel. Total output power 100W(conv. cooled), 200W(18.7cfm). Output1 Vnom 5V, Imin 0.5A, Imax 20A. Output2 Vnom +24V, Imin 0A, Imax 4.2A.
  • REC3-5712DRWZ Recom
    3W DC/DC converter with 57V input, +-12V/+-125mA output
  • UT69151EWCA UTMC
    Enhanced SuMMIT E MIL-STD-1553 dual redundant bus controller/remote terminal monitor. SMD device type 03. Lead finish solder.
  • QM200DY-HK Mitsubishi
    100A - transistor module for medium power switching use, insulated type
  • AM29LV400T90SC AMD
    4 megabit CMOS 3.0 volt-only boot sector flash memory
  • 5962-8864501XC UTMC
    Remote terminal multi-protocol. Flow QML Q. Lead finish gold.
  • 2SC1654-L NEC
    Silicon transistor
  • CAT93C4622J-42TE13 Catalyst
    1K 4.25-4.5V Supervisory circuit with microwire serial CMOS EEPROM, precision reset controller and watchdog timer
    RadHard MSI. 1 of 8 data selector/multiplexer. TTL compatible I/O level. Lead finish optional.
  • VI-PUYL-XX Vicor
    InputV90-132/180-264Vac; outputV28V; 100-400W; 20-80A autoranging AC-DC switcher
  • SG7918AIG/883B Microsemi
    Negative Fixed Linear Voltage Regulators
  • TC74HCT273AFN Toshiba
    Octal D-type flip flop with clear
  • GC89SRAA15FS Green-Power
    Ins.Lenght 50mm; Bolt Lenght 110mm; bar clamp for hockey punks

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