Electronics Parts Number List P 2586

    Relay. Coil voltage 6 VDC. Contact arrangement 2C . Terminal PCB. Enclosure top flange. Option neon lamp.
  • M38061M1AXXXFP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 256bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • G41602C-DC12-NIL GCC
    Relay. Rating code 60A. Component diode. Contact form 1 form C. Coil voltage 12. Mounting option plug-in.
  • GL-266P-70-2.9 National Semiconductor
    Geode Processor Integrated x86 Solution with MMX Support
  • APL1085-UC-TR Anpec
    Adj, 3 A low dropout fast response positive adjustable regulator and fixed 3.3 V
    Fast smos octal buffer/line driver
  • M38865FCAGP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 768bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • D70/04 Usha
    Rectifier diode. Vrrm = 400V, Vrsm = 500V. All purpose high power rectifier diodes. Non-controllable and half controlled rectifiers.
  • DS1710SN Dallas
    Partitioned NV Controller
  • TDA8771AH/C1 Philips
    Triple 8-bit video Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)
  • VI-RUYVX-XX Vicor
    Input Voltage90-132/180-264Vac; output Voltage20-95V; 150-600W; 30-120A autoranging AC-DC switcher
  • JM38510R75203BC National Semiconductor
    Quad 2-Input AND Gate
  • CAT93C6612JI-28TE13 Catalyst
    4K 2.85-3.0V Supervisory circuit with microwire serial CMOS EEPROM, precision reset controller and watchdog timer
  • K4E641612B-TL60 Samsung
    4M x 16bit CMOS dynamic RAM with extended data out, 3.3V power supply, 60ns, low power
  • MI-M7X-XX Vicor
    InputV165V; outputV5.2V; 150-200W; 30-..A; single output DC-DC converter provide power system designers with cost-effective, high performance, off-the-shelf solutions
    Fast smos octal transparent latche
  • CY74FCT162373CTPAC Texas Instruments
  • 74ACQ244DCX National Semiconductor
    Quiet series octal buffer/line driver with TRI-STATE outputs. Devices shipped in 13 inches reels.
  • FS6108-01 AMI
    19 zero delay buffer IC
  • JM38510/33702BE National Semiconductor
    Dual 1-of-4 Decoder/Demultiplexer
  • BZX55F24 Formosa
    24 V, 5 mA zener diode
  • REC5-2505DRWLZ Recom
    5W DC/DC converter with 25V input, +-5V/+-500mA output
  • SNJ54AS1000AW Texas Instruments
  • NM93C46LMT8X Fairchild
    1024-Bit Serial EEPROM (MICROWIRE Bus Interface)
  • MAH28140FE Dynex
    Packet telecommand decoder
  • MG73PB36 OKI
    CSA series
  • UPD789102CT-XX NEC
    8-bit single chip microcontroller
  • G17WDC-DC12 GCC
    Relay. Nominal voltage 12VDC. Resistance(+-10%) 130W. Contact material AgMeO1. Contact arrangement 1 form W. Dust cover.
    Fast CMOS octal D register (3-state)
  • B4600CR-4.6 Bay-Linear
    4.6V 600mA low dropout voltage regulator
  • MSC23436A-80DS12 OKI
    4,194,304-word x 36-bit DRAM module
  • IDT54821BTEB IDT
    High-prerformance smos bus interface register
  • E03-01P3 FranMar
    Input/output voltage5/5 VDC; output current600 mA; 3 W DC to DC converter
  • ICS9248G-92 ICST
    Mobile Pentium II system clock chip
  • EN29F002T70TI Eon
    2 Megabit (256K x 8-bit) flach memory. Speed 70ns. 5.0V +-10% for both read/write operation. With RESET function.
  • REC5-463.3SRWL Recom
    5W DC/DC converter with 46V input, 3.3V/1500mA output
  • AAT3560IGY-3.80-T1 Advanced Analog Technology
    3.8 V, NonoPower voltage detector
  • IC62LV1024LL-45QI ICSI
    45ns; 2.7-3.3V; 128K x 8 low-power and low Vcc CMOS static RAM
  • M38863M3A-XXXGP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 512bytes single chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • MC145033DW Motorola
  • AGM2464D-FC-GTD-T AZ-Displays
    0.3-7.0V; number of dots 240 x 64dots; dot size0.49 x 0.49mm; dot pitch0.53 x 0.53mm; AZ display
  • MI-J6MMA Vicor
    Input voltage270V; outputV10V; 10W; military DC-DC converter. For military applications utilizing distributed power architectures
  • AP1117D34A Analog-Technology
    3.4V 1A positive low dropout regulator
  • UC1724J883B Texas Instruments
  • MAS9264C95LL Dynex
    Radiation hard 8192 x 8 bit static RAM
  • UT54ACTS280 UTMC
    Radiation-hardened 9-bit parity generator/checker.
  • HS187B NEL
    5 V, +/-50 ppm, positive ECL crystal clock oscillator
  • FAR-C3CA-04194-M00-R Fujitsu
    Piezoelectric resonator
  • MC74ACT253ML1 ON-Semiconductor
    Dual 4 Input Multiplexer with 3 State Outputs
  • CAT93C4623KI-30TE13 Catalyst
    1K 3.0-3.15V Supervisory circuit with microwire serial CMOS EEPROM, precision reset controller and watchdog timer
  • M38867F9A-XXXFS Mitsubishi
    RAM size 1024bytes single chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • TC55RP5802ECB TelCom-Semiconductor
    Low dropout positive voltage rgulator. Output voltage 5.8V . Tolerance +-2%.
  • M29W800AB80N1 ST-Microelectronics
  • PCA1676U/10/F2 Philips
    32 kHz watch circuits using a silver-oxide or a 3 V lithium battery
  • E-202 Semitec
    Current regulative diode
  • REC10-1405SRWLZ Recom
    10W DC/DC converter with 14V input, 5/2000mA output
  • M38B55MA-XXXFP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 768 bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
    RadHard MSI. Triple 3-input AND. CMOS compatible I/O level. Lead finish optional.
  • ACM4004C-NEBBD-T AZ-Displays
    0.3-7.0V; 5x8dots; 40characters x 4lines; dot size0.50x0.55mm; dot pitch0.57x0.62mm; AZ display
  • DW05-33A FranMar
    Input voltage 48 VDC;output voltage 15 VDC;output current400 mA; 5 W DC to DC converter
  • R3111Q191A-TR Ricoh
    Low voltage detector. Detector threshold (-Vdet) 1.9V. Output type Nch open drain. Standard taping specification TR
  • R1223N272E-TR Ricoh
    PWM/VFM step-down DC/DC converter with low supply current by CMOS. Output voltage 2.7V. Oscillator frequency 300kHz. Standard taping specification TR
  • Q4015LH6 Teccor-Electronics
    Alternistor triac, 15A, 400 Volt
  • PU30-12SL International-Power-Sources
    Switching power supply, Maximum output power 30W. Output #1 Vnom 12V, Imin 0.0A, Imax 2.5A.
  • 5962-8752201CA National Semiconductor
    Dual Line Receiver
  • 269-C-280-F1480-A Agere
    1480 nm pump laser module. C - isolated, SMF. Operating power 280 mW. A = no connector.
  • AIC1680P60CX AIC
    Ultra low power voltage detector
  • MI-QC6LJ-XX Vicor
    InputV270V; outputV28V; 200-300W; complete dual output DC-DC power military supply
  • M38256E9DGP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 896 bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • A67L7332E-4 AMIC
    Cycle time7ns; access time4ns; 128K x 32 LVTTL, pipelined DBA SRAM
  • M38251M8-XXXFS Mitsubishi
    RAM size 256 bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • PA7128JI-15 International-Cmos
    15ns programmable electrically erasable logic array
  • M38030F1-XXXFP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 192bytes single chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • EDI88512CA15TI White-Electronic
    15ns; 5V power supply; 512K x 8 monolithic SRAM, SMD 5962-95600
  • TDA9141/N1 Philips
    PAL/NTSC/SECAM decoder/sync processor
  • GC70BN12016008FS Green-Power
    Bar clamp for hockey punks
  • BZX55F5V6 Formosa
    5.6 V, 5 mA zener diode
  • MAX6337US17D1-T MaximIC
    Ultra-low-voltage, low-power microprocessor circuit with manual reset (reset output active-low, open-drain) . Reset threshold(typ) 1.7V, reset timeout(min) 1ms.

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