Electronics Parts Number List P 4108

  • SST29VE512-150-4C-EN SST
    512 Kbit (64K x 8) page-mode EEPROM
  • M38182M8-XXXFP Mitsubishi
    Single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer, 32768 ROM, 384 RAM (XXX-ROM number)
  • ACM1602B-RLFW-T AZ-Displays
    2.7-5.5V; 16characters x 2lines; dot size0.56x0.61mm; liquid crystal display
  • NJM2902D JRC
    Single-supply quad operational amplifier
  • BL-HD034A YellowStone
    Super red , 30 mA, surface mount chip LED lamp
  • TC4468EOE713 Microchip
    1.2 A logic-input CMOS quad drivers, AND
  • T-51383L070J-FW-P-AA Optrex
    1440 x 234dots; dot pitch0.107 x 0.372mm; 0.3-7.0V; 0.15mA LCD module
  • M38C24M5DXXXHP Mitsubishi
    RAM size640 bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • M38044M6-XXXHP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 640bytes single chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • UPC1905GS-T2 NEC
    Switching regulator
  • M38064M8AXXXFP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 640bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • CLC5509CMX National Semiconductor
    Ultra-Low Noise Preamplifier
  • DM54LS161AW-MLS National Semiconductor
    Synchronous 4-Bit Binary Counter with Asynchronous Clear
  • TE28F400CE-T120 Intel
    4-Mbit (256K x 16, 512K x 8) SmartVoltage boot block flash memory family. V=(5 or 12 / 2.7 or 5) voltage options (Vpp/Vcc)
  • RBY305 Diotec
    Silicon power rectifier
  • BL-B3131K-L YellowStone
    Yellow, low-current LED lamp (round type)
  • V18MLA1210WA Littelfuse
    Surface mount varistor. Ag/Pd. Max continuous working voltage 18VDC, 14VAC. Bulk pack.
  • MBM29LV080A-90PTN Fujitsu
    CMOS 8M (1M x 8) bit
  • IRFR4105TRL IR
    N-channel power MOSFET for fast switching applications, 55V, 27A
  • FC80960HD80SL2GZ Intel
    32-bit high-performance superscalar processor. Core speed 80 MHz, bus speed 40 MHz
  • M38066EA-XXXGP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 896bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • G65SC02-AXW-5 CMD
    CMOS 8-bit microprocessor
  • TC7117PCLW Microchip
    3-1/2 digit analog-to-digital converters with hold, drives LED
  • RH5VT28AA-T2 Ricoh
    Low voltage detector. Detector threshold 2.8V. Output type Nch open drain. Taping type T2
  • TLHE5102 Vishay
    Standard Yellow(590nm) LED
  • PIC16LF874-20I/SP Microchip
    8-bit CMOS FLASH microcontroller
  • M38254MCDXXXHP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 640 bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • APL5151-19BI-TR Anpec
    1.9 V, low IQ, low dropout 150 mA fixed voltage regulator
  • R1210N592C-TL Ricoh
    PWM step-up DC/DC converter. Output voltage 5.9V. External tr. driver. Oscillator frequency 100kHz. Taping specification TL
  • DTC114ERLRM ON-Semiconductor
    Bias Resistor Transistor
  • APL5154-285BI-TR Anpec
    2.85 V, low IQ, low dropout 150 mA fixed voltage regulator
  • SN74ALS648ADWR Texas Instruments
  • PCD5091HZ/C94/4 Philips
    Low cost; low power DECT baseband controllers (ABC-PRO)
  • LM78M08S Bay-Linear
    10.5-23V 500mA positive voltage regulator
  • MB15E05SLPV Fujitsu
    Single serial input PLL frequency synthesizer On-chip 2.0 Ghz prescaler
  • DMC16433N Optrex
    16characters x 4lines; 5x8dots (1character); 0.3-6.5V 2.3mA LCD module
  • SMBG9.0C Microsemi
    Transient Voltage Suppressor
  • M38041F8-XXXSP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 256bytes single chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • UPC78L10J-T NEC
    Positive output three-terminal regulator
  • AGM1212B-RCBBS-T AZ-Displays
    0.3-7.0V; Dots 128x128dots; dot size0.32x0.32mm; dot pitch0.35x0.35mm; AZ display
  • 0663.800ZRLL Littelfuse
    LT-5 tm time lag fuse. Long lead (tape and reel) 750 pieces. Ampere rating .800, voltage rating 250, nominal resistance cold ohms 87.
  • SD153R08S15MV IR
    Fast recovery diode
  • M38250M8MXXXFP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 192 bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • APL5508R-23AC-TR Anpec
    2.3 V, low IQ, low dropout 560 mA fixed voltage regulator
  • SN74CBTS3384PWR Texas Instruments
  • APL158118G5C-TU Anpec
    1.8 V, dual input low dropout regulator
  • B1086S-ADJ Bay-Linear
    Adjustable 1.5A low dropout voltage regulator
  • MSM6997HRS OKI
    Single chip CODEC
  • CHM1192 UMS
    K band mixer.
  • 5962-9658501VEX UTMC
    RadHard MSI SMD. 4-bit binary full adder. Class V, QML. Lead finish optional. Total dose none.
  • UC1833L Texas Instruments
  • MT55L256L36PT-6 Micron
    256K x 36 ZBT SRAM, 6ns
  • M38869E6AHP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 2048bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • A1750A61FFSC10 Agere
    DWDM analog forward-path(40MHz-860MHz) module. Connector SC/APC. Optical power 10 mW.
  • CL-201IR-X Citizen-Electronics
    Miniature surface mountable infrared chip LED. Peak wave length 950 nm. Dimensions 3.2(L)x2.4(W)x2.4(H)mm.
  • MI6MIV Vicor
    Input voltage270V; military DC-DC converter. For military applications
  • GS816019T-250I GSI
    250MHz 1M x 18 synchronous SRAM
  • CAT93C8631PI-25TE13 Catalyst
    16K 2.55-2.7V Supervisory circuit with microwire serial CMOS EEPROM, precision reset controller and watchdog timer
  • BL-HGA33A YellowStone
    Ultra green, 30 mA, ultra chip LED lamp
  • SPC-0605-391 Micro-Electronics
    SMD power inductor
  • SN74LVCZ240ADBR Texas Instruments
  • NJ8820BA GEC-Plessey
    Frequency synthesiser (PROM interface)
  • VI-NCWT-XX Vicor
    InputV24V; outputV6.5V; 300-600W; 60-120A; DC-DC switcher. Offered with input voltage ranges optimized fot industrial and telecommunication applications
  • REC15-3324SRWB Recom
    15W DC/DC converter with 33V input, 24/625mA output
  • MC74HC175ADTEL ON-Semiconductor
    Quad D Flip-Flop with Common Clock and Reset
  • GC79SNBB10RD Green-Power
    Ins.Lenght 70mm; Bolt Lenght 120mm; bar clamp for hockey punks
  • LL2 General
    Voltage Stabilizer
  • JM38510/30905BEA Texas Instruments
  • M38C23M1DXXXHP Mitsubishi
    RAM size512 bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • ST203S10MFJ0L IR
    Inverter grade thyristor
  • EDI88130CS35CC White-Electronic
    35ns; 5V power supply; 128K x 8 monolithic SRAM, SMD 5962-89598
  • M38C29M2DXXXHP Mitsubishi
    RAM size2048 bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • M38B57M5-XXXFP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 1024 bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer

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