Electronics Parts Number List P 7259

  • AP2012PBC Kingbright
    2.0 x 1.2mm SMD chip LED lamp. Blue. Peak wavelength 468 nm. Lens type water clear.
  • 5962L0053602TUA UTMC
    512K x 8 SRAM MCM SDM. 25ns access time, 5.0V operation. QML class T. Lead finish hot solder dipped. Total dose 5E4(50krad(Si)).
  • M38865E1A-FS Mitsubishi
    RAM size 768bytes single chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • GP102A-DC125-LB GCC
    Relay. Coil voltage 125 VDC. Contact arrangement 2A. Contact material AgCdO. Option lamp & button.
  • MI-RC2KZX-XX Vicor
    InputV28V; outputV40V; 150-300W; 30-..A; complete triple output DC-DC power military supply
  • SST29EE010-200-4I-UN SST
    1 Mbit (128K x 8) page-mode EEPROM
  • M38869EDAHP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 2048bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • MSM5118165B-50TS-K OKI
    1,048,576-word x 16-bit dynamic RAM
  • ACM1602K-NLBH-T AZ-Displays
    2.7-5.5V; 16characters x 2lines; dot size0.56x0.61mm; liquid crystal display
  • SNJ54ABT841JT Texas Instruments
  • SNJ54ABT2245J Texas Instruments
  • FAR-C4CA-03580-M01-R Fujitsu
    Piezoelectric resonator
  • CAT93C5612KI-45TE13 Catalyst
    2K 4.5-4.75V Supervisory circuits with microwire serial CMOS EEPROM, precision reset controller and watchdog timer
  • PAC390/500TQ CMD
    P/active EMI/RFIT filter
  • CAT25C021S16A-45TE13 Catalyst
    2K Supervisory circuits with SPI serial EEPROM, precision reset controller and watchdog timer
  • DMC5001NF-LY-AIE Optrex
    0.3-7.0V 13.4mA LCD module
  • GC89SNDF12RD Green-Power
    Ins.Lenght 120mm; Bolt Lenght 160mm; bar clamp for hockey punks
  • R1210N452C-TR Ricoh
    PWM step-up DC/DC converter. Output voltage 4.5V. External tr. driver. Oscillator frequency 100kHz. Standard taping specification TR
  • SC43-13HWA Kingbright
    10.9 mm (0.43 inch) single digit numeric display. Bright red.
  • M38046F8-XXXFP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 896bytes single chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • TMS320C44GFW50 Texas Instruments
  • REC5-1305SRWL Recom
    5W DC/DC converter with 13V input, 5V/1000mA output
  • NM24C04UVM8X Fairchild
    4K-bit Serial EEPROM 2-Wire Bus Interface
  • RH5VT43CA-T2 Ricoh
    Low voltage detector. Detector threshold 4.3V. Output type CMOS. Taping type T2
  • VI-MUB-XX Vicor
    InputV90-132/180-264Vac; outputV95V; 200-400W; 20-80A autoranging AC-DC switcher
  • CX06832-15 Conexant
    V34/group 3 high performance fax modem family
  • P4FMAJ8.2 Rectron
    GPP transient voltage suppressor. Breakdown voltage 7.38V to 9.02V. 400W peak power, 1.0W steady stat. For bidirectional use C or CA suffixs (ex. P4FMAJ6.8C, P4FMAJ400CA)
  • TPS61006DGSR Texas Instruments
  • P4KE220A-T3 Won-Top
    Reverse stand-off voltage 185.00V transient voltage suppressor
  • UT69R00012FPCR UTMC
    RadHard microcontroller. 12 MHz operating frequency. Phototype. Lead finish gold. Total dose 1E5 rads(Si).
  • XE0071T Xecom
    Very-low profile V.34 compatible telephone line interface. Throuh-hole pins.
  • G83CSS-DC9-K GCC
    Relay. Coil voltage 9 VDC. Contact form 1 form C. sealed. Contact material AgMeO. Sensitive.
  • V62C5181024L-45WI Mosel-Vitelic
    128K x 8 CMOS static RAM, 45ns, low power
  • OPB490L55 Optek
    Photologic slotted optical switch
  • IS61LF51218D-8.5TQI ISSI
    512K x 18 synchronous flow-through static RAM
  • MAX6316LUK49AZ-T MaximIC
    Microprocessor supervisory circuit with watchdog and manual reset (watchdog input,manual reser input,reser output active-low,push/pull).Factory-trimmed reset threshold (typ) 4.900V, min reset timeout 1ms, typ watchdog timeout 25.6sec
  • RE5VT50CC Ricoh
    Low voltage detector. Detector threshold 5.0V. Output type CMOS. Antistatic bag
  • GC70BR7013012RD Green-Power
    Bar clamp for hockey punks
  • M38254MD-XXXFP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 640 bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • UT22VP10T-15WPC UTMC
    Radiation Hardened PAL. TTL I/O 15.5ns propagation delay. Prototype flow. Lead finish gold.
  • SD2920 NEL
    5 V, +/-100 ppm, differential positive ECL fast edge crystal clock oscillator
  • MP7510DIJ Micro-Power
    CMOS quad SPDT analog switch
  • E03-12T FranMar
    Input voltage9-18 VDC;output voltage 12 VDC; output current250 mA; 3 W DC to DC converter
  • EPM7032QC44-7 Altera
    Programmable logic , 32 macrocells, 2 logic array blocks, 36 I/O pins, 7ns
  • S-81237SGY-T Epson
    High-precision voltage regulator
  • S10C100C Mospec
    Schottky barrier rectifiers, 10A, 100V
  • SN75115DR Texas Instruments
  • SN74ACT7813-40DL Texas Instruments
  • BAV19W-7 Diodes
    120V; surface mount switching diode. General purpose switching application
  • M38044F6-SP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 640bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • ERF2110B1 Microsemi
    Single Phase Bridge
  • V14MLA0603WH Littelfuse
    Surface mount varistor. Ag/Pd. Max continuous working voltage 14VDC, 10VAC. 7in diameter reel.
  • TM1.4.470J Microsemi
  • REC5-6312DRWL Recom
    5W DC/DC converter with 63V input, +-12V/+-208mA output
  • MI-RC2JLX-XX Vicor
    InputV28V; outputV36V; 150-300W; 30-..A; complete triple output DC-DC power military supply
  • DLV-3.3/6-1.8/7-D48S Datel
    3.3V and 1.8V 30W Dual output mixed voltageDC/DC converter
  • MI-J7MIY Vicor
    Input voltage165V; outputV10V; 50W; 10A; military DC-DC converter. For military applications utilizing distributed power architectures
  • M38046FF-HP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 896bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • M38868M5A-XXXHP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 1536bytes single chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • SC1633CSTR Semtech
    3.3V low voltage step-up DC-DC converter
  • CAT93C4624UI-28TE13 Catalyst
    1K 2.85-3.0V Supervisory circuit with microwire serial CMOS EEPROM, precision reset controller and watchdog timer
  • THS6032IGQER Texas Instruments
  • PIC16LF876-10I/PQ Microchip
    8-bit CMOS FLASH microcontroller
  • MSM54V16258SL-45TS-K OKI
    262,144-word x 16-bit dynamic RAM
  • PT2128A-C53 Princeton
    Remote fan controller IC
  • EI8LC12C IMP
    Bidirectional, monolithic TVS diode
  • TPS2331IDR Texas Instruments
  • R1210N532D-TL Ricoh
    PWM step-up DC/DC converter. Output voltage 5.3V. External tr. driver. Oscillator frequency 180kHz. Taping specification TL
  • APL5301-14BC-TR Anpec
    1.4 V, low IQ, low dropout 300 mA fixed voltage regulator
  • COP8SEC516M8CJB National Semiconductor
    8 Bit CMOS ROM Based and OTP Microcontrollers with 4k Memory and 128 Bytes EERAM
  • MI-M7V-XX Vicor
    InputV165V; outputV5.8V; 150-200W; 30-..A; single output DC-DC converter provide power system designers with cost-effective, high performance, off-the-shelf solutions
  • M5M5255DP-70HL Mitsubishi
    262,144-bit (32,768-word by 8-bit) CMOS static RAM
  • REC10-5412DRWLZ Recom
    10W DC/DC converter with 54V input, +-12/+-416mA output
  • SMQ600PS24-CB International-Power-Sources
    AC/DC U-channel. Maximum power 600W. Output voltage 24.0 VDC. Current limit range is 95-105% of 25.00A.
  • EN29F002NB-45JI Eon
    2 Megabit (256K x 8-bit) flach memory. Speed 45ns. 5.0V +-10% for both read/write operation. Without RESET function.
  • AGM1232D-NLYBW-T AZ-Displays
    0.3-6.5V; 2.8mA; 20characters; Dots 122 x 32dots; dot size0.40 x 0.45mm; dot pitch0.44 x 0.49mm; AZ display
  • P4SMAJ28C-T1 Won-Top
    Reverse stand-off voltage 28.00V surface mount transient voltage suppressor
  • TCA0372DM2L2 ON-Semiconductor
    Dual Power Operational Amplifier

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