Electronics Parts Number List P 7565

  • CAT93C4612SA-30TE13 Catalyst
    1K 3.0-3.15V Supervisory circuit with microwire serial CMOS EEPROM, precision reset controller and watchdog timer
  • LP80C58-1 Intel
    CHMOS single-chip 8-bit microcontroller with burn-in. 3.5 MHz to 16 MHz, 5 V, ROM 32 Kbytes, RAM 256 bytes
  • KM41C4000DT-5 Samsung
    4M x 1Bit CMOS dynamic RAM with fast page mode, 5V, 16ms refresh, 50ns
  • UT9Q512-IWC UTMC
    512K x 8 SRAM MCM. 25ns access time, 5.0V operation. Lead finish gold.
  • XR72-5.1S Shanghai-Sunrise
    Planar zener diode. Zener voltage Vz = 4.94-5.20 V. Zener current Iz = 5 mA. Power dissipation Pt = 500 mW.
  • HC4HL-AC220/240V Nais
    HC-relay. Miniature relay for wide applications. 4 form C. Coil voltage 220/240 V AC. Light emitting diode wired, plug-in. Standard type.
  • T300/04 Usha
    Thyristor. D.C. motor control, controlled rectifiers, A.C. controllers. Vrrm = 400V, Vrsm = 500V.
  • L914CK/4YD Kingbright
    2 x 3 mm quad-level LED indicator. Yellow. Lens type yellow diffused.
  • MS7201AL-25FC Mosel-Vitelic
    25ns; 256 x 9, 512 x9, 1K x 9 CMOS FIFO
  • SAA5261PS/223 Philips
    10-page intelligent teletext decoders
  • MK4096P-11 Mostek
    4096x1-bit dynamic RAM, 350ns acces time, 500ns cycle time, max. power 320mW.
  • AS431CR25DT Astec
    Precision adjustable shunt reference
  • WF128K32N-60G2UC5A White-Electronic
    60ns; 5V power supply; 128K x 32 flash module, SMD 5962-94716
  • TQ2SS-L-6V-X Nais
    TQ-SMD relay. Low-profile surface-mount relay. Coil voltage 6 V DC. 2 form C. 1 ciol latching. Space saving surface-mount terminal. Tape and reel packing (picked from 1/2/3/4/5-pin side).
  • SN74ACT7881-20FN Texas Instruments
  • SN74ABT861DWR Texas Instruments
  • DM74S40CW Fairchild
    Dual 4-Input NAND Buffer
  • SN74LS541ML1 ON-Semiconductor
  • HL1HTM-AC48V Nais
    HL-relay. Space saving power relay. 1 form C. Nominal switching capacity 15A 125V AC, 10 A 250 V AC. Top mounting. Coil voltage 48 V AC.
  • APT7844NI-TR Anpec
    Touch screen controller
  • GC89BRCC20F Green-Power
    Ins.Lenght 95mm; Bolt Lenght 130mm; bar clamp for hockey punks
  • HEC50-48S1P8-M P-DUKE
    Input range36-75 VDC;output voltage1.8 VDC; output current15 A;input current0.67 A; 50 W single output DC-DC converter
  • REC3-4412SRWZ Recom
    3W DC/DC converter with 44V input, 12V/250mA output
  • CAT93C4612PI-28TE13 Catalyst
    1K 2.85-3.0V Supervisory circuit with microwire serial CMOS EEPROM, precision reset controller and watchdog timer
  • TQ2SS-24V-X Nais
    TQ-SMD relay. Low-profile surface-mount relay. Coil voltage 24 V DC. 2 form C. Single side stable. Space saving surface-mount terminal. Tape and reel packing (picked from 1/2/3/4/5-pin side)..
  • Z86C6316VEC Zilog
    CMOS Z8 microcontroller. ROM 32 Kbytes, RAM 256 bytes, speed 16 MHz
  • MI-25TMY Vicor
    InputV155V; outputV6.5V; 50W; 10A military DC-DC converter. For military applications
  • CAT93C6623PA-45TE13 Catalyst
    4K 4.5-4.75V Supervisory circuits with microwire serial CMOS EEPROM, precision reset controller and watchdog timer
  • CAT93C5734KA-45TE13 Catalyst
    2K 4.5-4.75V Supervisory circuits with microwire serial CMOS EEPROM, precision reset controller and watchdog timer
  • TG1.8.822K Microsemi
  • SD203R12S20MC IR
    Fast recovery diode
  • TSH74CP ST-Microelectronics
  • MACH230-24JI Lattice
    High-density EE CMOS programmable logic, 128 macrocells, 64 outputs, 70 inputs, 128 flip-flops; 4 clock choices, 24ns
  • RH5RI523B-T1 Ricoh
    VFM step-up DC/DC converter. Output voltage 5.2V. Internal Tr./External Tr. (selectively available)(oscillator frequency 100kHz, with chip enable function) Taping type T1
  • SAA4992H/V1 Philips
    Field and line rate converter with noise reduction
  • AMS3107CL-2.5 AMS
    2.5V 500mA low dropout voltage regulator
  • ST300C12L3L IR
    Phase control thyristor
  • LST2525-B-SF HP
    Coaxial pigtailed laser module
  • MD50100 Transys
    100 V, 50 A, rectifier automotive diode
  • GNR53D361K Ceramate
    Varistor. Max allowable voltage ACrms=230V, DC=300V. Varistor voltage 324-396V.
  • PDM41256SA10TA Paradigm-Technology
    256K static RAM 32K x 8-bit
  • R3111N281A-TR Ricoh
    Low voltage detector. Detector threshold (-Vdet) 2.8V. Output type Nch open drain. Standard taping specification TR
  • 05WS11B Leshan-Radio
    400 mW, 5 mA, zener diode
  • WS512K32N-45G1UIA White-Electronic
    45ns; 5V power supply - 3.3V parts also available; 512K x 32 SRAM module, SMD 5962-94611
  • REC8-1009DRWL Recom
    8W DC/DC converter with 10V input, +-9V/+-444mA output
  • PS7360CL-1A NEC
    600V, 90mA, High dielectric strength voltage
  • M38065E2DXXXFS Mitsubishi
    RAM size 768bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • A1750A24RRSC06 Agere
    DWDM analog return-path(5MHz-210MHz) module. Connector SC/APC. Optical power 6 mW.
  • LT9525E Sharp
    LED lamp
  • SM1437 NEL
    5 V, +/-25 ppm, CMOS crystal clock oscillator
  • K4E151612D-J Samsung
    1M x 16 bit CMOS dynamic RAM with extended data out. Supply voltage 3.3V, 1K refresh cycle.
  • TISP3145H3SL Power-Innovations
    Dual Symmetrical Overvoltage TISP for 3 Wire Ground Backed Ringer Protection
  • REC10-0912SRWL Recom
    10W DC/DC converter with 9V input, 12/830mA output
  • CL-270B1-TS Citizen-Electronics
    SMD LED lamp. Size(mm) 1.6(L)x1.15(W)x0.6(H). Transparent. Not diffused. High brightness. Lighting color blue. Peak wave length 468 nm. Taping sideways.
  • FAR-C3SA-04194-M10-T Fujitsu
    Piezoelectric resonator
  • AGM3224E-MC-FTS-T AZ-Displays
    0.3-7.0V; number of dots 320 x 240dots; dot size0.27 x 0.27mm; dot pitch0.30 x 0.30mm; AZ display
  • M38B79MFH-XXXFP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 2048 bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • TL082CPS Texas Instruments
  • 4C4M4EOQ-60JC Alliance
    4M x 4 CM0S QuadCAS DRAM (EDO) family, 60ns RAS access time
  • MSM514252A-70JS OKI
    262,144-word x 4-bit multiport DRAM
  • MSM51V16165D-70JS OKI
    1,048,576-word x 16-bit dynamic RAM
  • 5962F-9865102QYX UTMC
    Low voltage quad driver SMD. Lead finish factory option. QML class Q. Total dose 1E5 rad(Si).
  • M38860EAAHP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 192bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • AK5350-VF AKM
    Enchanced dual bit 20 bit ADC
  • R1223N222A-TL Ricoh
    PWM/VFM step-down DC/DC converter with low supply current by CMOS. Output voltage 2.2V. Oscillator frequency 300kHz. Taping specification TL
  • GP103B-AC24-B GCC
    Relay. Coil voltage 24 VAC. Contact arrangement 3B. Contact material AgCdO. Option test button.
  • R7221606AS Powerex
    1600V, 600A fast recovery single diode
  • SC431LCZ-0.5TA Semtech
    Low voltage adjustable shunt regulator
  • M38067MBDXXXGP Mitsubishi
    RAM size 1024bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • EDI88130LPS20L32C White-Electronic
    20ns; 5V power supply; 128K x 8 monolithic SRAM, SMD 5962-89598
  • WS128K32L-15G4TQA White-Electronic
    15ns; 5V power supply; 128K x 32 SRAM module, SMD 5962-93187 & 5962-95595
  • SD600R28MTC IR
    Standard recovery diode
  • MT5C1008C-25L/IT Austin-Semiconductor
    128K x 8 SRAM with dual chip enable
    Fast CMOS octal D register (3-state)
  • LS6J3M-4UR/Y-T Citizen-Electronics
    Surface mountable illuminated switch. Thickness 2.5mm. Operating force 2.75N. Lighting color ultra brightness red/yellow. Taping (standard mode).
  • RH5VT51CA-T1 Ricoh
    Low voltage detector. Detector threshold 5.1V. Output type CMOS. Standard taping type T1
  • SN74ALS251DR Texas Instruments
  • DP8216MJ/883 National Semiconductor
    4-Bit Bidirectional Bus Transceiver

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